What fear can teach us

Fear comes to us all in various degrees – in the forms of stress, worry, anxiety and a variety of wasteful and negative things. 

Stress or tension caused from the materialistic values of getting, having, accumulating and out-doing others in the form of ambition, competition and position can become a habit, and then the norm.

So observe your body when you relax. Does it feel completely different to your normal or just slightly? We are often not aware of how stressed we are until we stop, or are forced to stop in life. 

A stressed body is overloaded with energy, which over stimulates the nervous system. One one of the major symptoms will be physical fatigue, which expands into lack of enthusiasm for life itself. 

As humans we can fear to a degree so many things, such as
the unknown, the future, illness, other people, failure, authority. The list is endless.
There can be endless reasons for the fear, such as past experiences, lack of faith, needing approval, and so on. But the greatest product of fear is doubt. When we are lost in doubt, we suffer mental and even emotional paralysis. This keeps us stuck. 

How can we overcome this? As hard as it may seem, the first thing is to physically relax and observe and feel the difference. This will get your conscious attention that change is needed. At various times in your day observe yourself physically and also how you are feeling emotionally. This will get you used to checking in on your stress levels.

Exercise: Ask yourself these questions:

How do I see myself?
As valuable?
With the right to be?
As someone I like, accept and respect? How do I see others? As friends?
Enemies? Teachers? Supports? Extensions to me? Valuable? Asking yourself these questions, whilst monitoring your bodies response to your feelings around your answers, will reveal the Truth. 

As spiritual Beings we are seekers of the TRUTH and may find ourselves at times in our life on a mission – driven by our passion to reveal the Truth. For this part of your healing we are not concentrating on the outer Truth, but your inner Truth, which is what is important to influence the outer Truths in life. So to find the Truths and where they sit at peace within you – as well as to avoid and judgement of the Truth – takes time and practise.

To hold yourself emotionally, let yourself know, or your Ego, that this not a test to be judged, but a revelation of It Is What It Is and know more. 

Feel the Peace in unveiling your Truth.

Love and Light 

Annette X