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Psychic Development

Introductory Courses

These series of classes cover:
• How to become aware of your extra senses ,what they are, and how to develop them.
•Bring your awareness to your energies and of those around you, as well as more further afield.
• Meditation and the way that it can accelerate our psychic and spiritual development.
• How to be in a meditative state in our everyday grounded lives.
•An Introduction to your Higher Self, and how you can bring your awareness of this aspect of yourself into your everyday life.
•Plus so much more

At least six of these classes must be completed as a foundation to progress on to the workshops.
I will run a series of workshops throughout the year which will further develop your psychic abilities to enhance your lives and use to help others.
These are based on an Inner Healing Journey, A Shamanic Way and Energy Work
Dates TBC
Classes are £15 each.
First class half-price