Annette Goldsmith experienced spiritual counsellor in the UK

Annette Goldsmith


Holistic healing and spiritual life coaching

Move forward to a more authentic and joyful way of living

As a holistic healing practitioner with more than 30 years of experience, including nursing and counselling, I offer a down-to-earth approach to supporting people in life, and guidance through their difficult times. By way of one-to-one client sessions, meditation classes, psychic and spiritual development workshops; I work together with you to help you move forward mentally, emotionally and soulfully.

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This particular healing was just what I needed today. I was feeling exactly how you described and as soon as I read the words, I immediately felt a shift


Surrey, UK

Just wanted to say the biggest thank you to you for helping me find myself again. I’ve been lost for about 30 years and I finally feel like I’m starting to live like I was made to. I’m so so grateful for all of you help



Thank you for your kindness, encouragement, support and guidance. I especially thank you for teaching me how to develop my own inner strength and to listen to and trust my inner wisdom



Just wanted to say thank you for all your advice today. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said, and feel happier and more relaxed already



I know I’m one of many clients that you have, but you always seem to make us feel special and worthwhile. It is a wonderful gift that you have.



I feel so much better after seeing you. I was completely blown away for the rest of the day. It was very powerful stuff. The best thing I have ever experienced. Thank you. 

Susan S


I find the sessions very easy and very relaxing, so I actually enjoy them and always have confidence that I will come away feeling somehow lighter, clear, more positive. I really value and appreciate all the help and guidance. I am much happier with myself and my life than I was before



Thank you. Your kindness, encouragement, support and guidance have really helped me these past few months. I especially thank you for teaching me how to develop my own inner strength and to listen to and trust inner wisdom. I’m so glad I met you



Thank you for all your kindness and friendship you offered when I needed an ear, a shoulder to lean on, and advice on my path. I am very grateful to have been blessed with your loving energy at that dark time. 



You are a gift from God! I wish you all your heart’s desires too! Thank you very much! 

Nicki B


The signs are there. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance and being you.
You have an amazing talent.



Free short guided meditations available on YouTube and Facebook


spiritual counselling/ energy healing

I have worked with many thousands of clients for more than 30 years, healing and supporting people to a more peaceful, soulful and joyful life. As well as energy healing, I have an extensive background in counselling and nursing, and alternative holistic treatments. I use various methods best suited to clients' needs.


I offer a whole range of classes for all. I run group sessions for those completely new to meditation and want to simply find a way to help create more peace in everyday life, as well as those who want to develop a deeper insight into their soul journey and natural intuitive guidance. Weekly sessions on Zoom and in-person in West Wittering.

Courses and Workshops

My workshops and courses bring together 30 years of experience in guiding people to develop their own natural intuitive abilities and insight. Discover more about your soul path and lessons. Day and weekend events for all.

21 Days Programme

Developing deep focus for the 21-day group, I work with healing energies to assist you all to create positive changes within. Over 21 continuous days, you will receive daily email guidance and short intuitively guided meditation exercises.


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