Meditation for peace of mind

Available to everyone, meditation is a simple practice which helps to reduce stress and increase calm to help promote a more balanced, healthy state of being mentally and physically. From those new to meditation, to more seasoned practitioners, I will guide you through  techniques to help you access the natural state of peace we all have deep within us. 

Prices start from £20 per person, per session

Intuitive guidance

Deepen and explore your connection with your natural intuitive abilities through regular guided meditation. I run a series of meditation courses for groups, designed to quieten the distraction of everyday life and tune in and listen to the inner guidance we all have inside. 

Soul and Psychic development

Designed for those who wish to explore deeper aspects of soul and psychic development, I host a number of small meditation groups within a safe and supported space. Working together, I guide the group to a deeper state of consciousness to access greater understanding of soul purposes, lessons and higher guidance. 

Upcoming group meditations and events

Upcoming Events